LIUTEBM University

School of International Programs


LIUTEBM Diploma Programs

Duration of the Program: 1 / 2 Years

Entry Requirements: High School or Higher Secondary

Mode of Study: Self-study distance learning supported with periodical Online live classes, classwork, and module assignments.

Pathway: Successful completion of these Diploma Programs provides a pathway to complete a respective Bachelor's Degree from the University in just 1 year of online study with the LIUTEBM School of International programs.

The following Diploma Programs are available at the School of International Programs:

  1. Diploma in Development Studies
  2. Diploma in Economics
  3. Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  4. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  5. Diploma in Marketing
  6. Diploma in Public Administration
  7. Diploma in Public Relations
  8. Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  9. Diploma in Law
  10. Diploma in Banking & Finance
  11. Diploma in Climate Change
  12. Diploma in Environmental Protection Management
  13. Diploma in Food & Nutrition

Batch commencement: May and November

How to enrol: Enrollment is not open at present. When it opens you can register and Enrol online from anywhere at LIUTEBM SoIP portal https://liutebmsoip.edu.zm/register. Meanwhile send your enquiry and interest of admission via email at info@liutebmsoip.edu.zm.