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Doctor of Philosophy - PhD Program

The Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D. program is a Guided Research Degree meant for academic and industrial professionals. This is an Off-campus Research Program which can be completed from anywhere in the world. The Research scholars work on a doctoral dissertation under the guidance of a Research Mentor and publish articles in reputed international journals. They are assessed via module assessments, writing & publications and the final defense of their dissertation. 

The full program can be completed from anywhere with full online support and no campus attendance is required being a degree by research.

The total credits are divided among coursework modules, research proposal, literature review, articles writing & publications, dissertation review and dissertation defense.

Following are the generic top-level program requirements. The detailed curriculum shall be provided after enrollment:

  • Acceptable and relevant Topic of Research
  • Coursework completion
  • Research Proposal Conforming to University Format
  • Research Publications in Acceptable Journals
  • Dissertation PPT
  • Dissertation

Research Supervisor & Mentor

The enrolled student’s research study shall be supervised by a qualified Research Supervisor who will be approved & assigned by the School. There are several research supervisors in different subject majors already empanelled with the School of International Programs, LIUTEBM. The University also allows enrolled students to propose a suitable and qualified supervisor from their vicinity for his/her convenience. The School empanels such eligible supervisors as per University norms. 

Available Areas of Research

Any relevant area or research subject is generally allowed as long as the proposed research topic is academically acceptable by the university and off-campus research is feasible on that subject. Students may write to the school for confirmation before submission of the application form and paying the application fees.

 Entry Requirements & Duration

Normal Entry:  3 Years Program

Master's Degree or Equivalent in a relevant subject from a recognised University / Institution

Lateral Entry: 2 years Fast-track Program

Deserving candidates can complete the course in Fast Track mode through Lateral Entry. It is a convenient and time-saving mode of enrollment for students who wish to migrate to LIUTEBM to complete their Ph.D. Post-graduate degree holders with a minimum of 5 years of teaching/industry experience (subject to an assessment of work experience vis-a-vis proposed research) in the relevant field OR M.Phil. degree holders shall be eligible for advanced entry to complete their PhD program in 2 years.

  • The Lateral Entry candidates will also have to complete all the program requirements as per the university curriculum.
  • To ascertain eligibility for Lateral Entry, applicants are required to submit the relevant verifiable documents along with their updated CV.
  • The decision of the University regarding eligibility shall be final and binding.

Dual Degree from BTU, India: This PhD Program from LIUTEBM University is Accredited by BTU, India and the applicants have the option to apply and simultaneously earn a dual PhD qualification from BTU. Contact the LIUTEBM Information Desk for more details through portal enquiry or email.

Enrollment in this Program will be notified, when open.