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Swiss Doctorate in collaboration with GradXs-SSM


The LIUTEBM School of International Programs facilitates this Swiss Doctorate Program from the Swiss School of Management, in collaboration with GradXs India. The HEA has permitted LIUTEBM University to promote this program offered by the Swiss School of Management. This is a wonderful opportunity for African students to enrol in the program through LIUTEBM School of International Programs and complete full program from their homes with a Scholarship of Euro 21000. in the Program Tuition.

Swiss School of Management

One of Europe's finest, the Swiss School of Management (SSM) is an accredited private institute of higher education founded in the last century in Switzerland and highly ranked among the top European Institutions.

Accreditations, Recognitions and Memberships:

  • Accreditation by  IACBE, USA 
  • Recognition by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation -  CHEA, USA 
  • Certification with  EduQua  (a prestigious Swiss quality assurance label)
  • Acknowledged by the Ministry of Education, Italy
  • UNESCO approved Institution, through the International Association of Universities -  IAU, UNESCO, Paris 
  • NOC by Higher Education Authority, Zambia for the LIUTEBM-GradXs-SSM collaboration for this Swiss Doctorate Program 


  • Blended online learning with live SSM classes and Guided Research
  • Enroll and complete the full program from anywhere in the world
  • Suitable for working managers and academic professionals
  • Learn from distinguished SSM faculty via online sessions.
  • Handholding and dedicated support by SSM Research Centre and the efficient GradXs professional team.
  • Access to digital libraries and live (digital) events.
  • Research Seminars & International Conferences
  • Access to SSM's International Expert Group.


Master's degree in Management or allied areas from an accredited institution. Masters degree holders in other disciplines can also apply provided they have done additional certification in relevant subjects and/or have an equitable relevant work experience.

Applicants for the Doctorate program DBA, are exempted from an English exam provided they completed their schooling years and/or bachelor’s program at a recognized school where the medium of teaching is English.


The program duration is 2 years, with 2 semesters per year, i.e. a total of 4 semesters.

 Program Structure

The DBA Program structure is aligned with international standards of Postgraduate Education and, accordingly, fulfils the criteria of the process of Harmonisation of Higher Education in Europe (Bologna Process).

The doctoral program will require the accomplishment of five taught Research Methods modules as the first stage. Only the successful fulfilment of all five modules entitles students to progress to the second stage, the thesis level.

The successful students will acquire 120 ECTS credits throughout the course:

  • 30 ECTS credits through the fulfilment of 5 Research Methods modules (6 ECTS credits per module)
  • 90 ECTS credits through the Doctoral thesis

The modules are delivered interactively and are based on actual knowledge and research in this pathway. The “Research Methods” modules are taught via lectures and/or seminars and require students' attendance. A long-distance learning version will be introduced as an alternative form of study as well.

The data collection, analysis of data and Doctoral Thesis demonstrating independent empirical research are evidence of the candidate’s ability and capability to undertake applied defendable and empirical research on the highest level of academic studies.

This program of studies is considered relevant, rich and academically valid thanks to the adoption of the highest standards of Higher Education. Additionally, superior professional standards have been embedded. Learning objectives and module contents are further closely related to the Six Principles of the PRME Framework of the United Nations.

 Program Fee

The DBA Program Fee at SSM is Euro 30000. (eqv. US$ 32200.) However, under the collaborative arrangement, the SSM  has agreed to a 70% scholarship to the students applying to the program through LIUTEBM SoIP under the LIUTEBM-GradXs-SSM DBA collaboration. The students receive the same classes & academic support and the same SSM degrees offered to any other student. Therefore, effective fees for students applying through the LIUTEBM-SOIP portal will be just Euro 9000. (eqv. US$ 9650.). The students can pay this fee in 4 parts payable at a gap of 6 months each.

1st Payment: US$ 2750.

2nd Payment: US$ 2300.

3rd Payment: US$ 2300.

4th Payment: US$ 2300.


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