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School of International Programs


Doctor of Business Administration

Preferred by Industry leaders & Managers

The Doctor of Business Administration - DBA Program is a professional doctoral program mostly preferred by Industrial leaders and managers. This program can be completed by the working executives alongside their respective jobs and other responsibilities. The program requires a few courses to be completed through reading & assignments, a research publication, an international conference and a doctoral dissertation.

The total credits are divided among business & research-related courses, research paper publications and a dissertation.

Research Supervisor & Coursework Mentor

The enrolled student’s research study shall be supervised by a qualified Research Supervisor who will be approved & assigned by the school. There are several research supervisors in different subject majors already empanelled with the School of International Programs, LIUTEBM. The University also allows enrolled students to propose a suitable and qualified supervisor from their vicinity for his/her convenience. The school empanels such eligible supervisors as per university norms. 

Areas of Research 

The candidates will research any acceptable topic related to Business, Governance and specific sectors of the economy. The topic of research for DBA must be industry-relevant where the candidate is working or has past work experience.

Duration:  2 Years (4 Semesters)

Entry Requirements: Master’s Degree in Management / MBA / MSc Management or relevant qualification acceptable by the School. Professionals with technical degrees & more than 8 years of work experience can also apply. 

Mode of Learning: Off-campus Research, fully Online with live classes, classwork, case studies, and module assignments conducted by the School of International Programs Faculty

Batch commencement: January, May and September

How to enrol: Enrollment in this Program will be notified, when opens.