LIUTEBM University

School of International Programs


MSc. / M.Phil , by Research

This is a 1.5-year program where coursework is completed through comprehensive assignments / online assessments and the research & development of a Master's Thesis is done as off-campus Guided Research. The candidates have to complete theory modules, a research paper publication and masters level research on their topic.

The total credits are divided among theory modules, a research paper and a dissertation.

Following are the generic top-level program requirements. 

  • Coursework Modules 
  • Acceptable and relevant Topic of Research
  • Research Proposal Conforming to University Format
  • Research paper Publication
  • Thesis / Dissertation

Research Supervisor

It requires a Research Supervisor who shall guide the student through different stages of his/her research. The School will provide a suitable Supervisor. The students may also nominate a qualified supervisor who can be empanelled & assigned.

The following subject majors are available:

  • Agriculture and allied areas
  • Business Analytics, Data Science, AI-ML & latest technological areas
  • Psychology, Applied Psychology and related areas
  • Computer Sc., IT, Communications and allied areas
  • Economics, Development Economics and related subjects
  • Education, Educational Administration and related subjects
  • Management, Leadership and its allied areas 
  • Health Sciences, Public Health & allied non-medical areas
  • Occupational Health & Safety; Environment and allied areas

Entry Requirements

M.Phil: Master's Degree in a relevant subject OR Bachelor's Degree, PG Diploma from LIUTEBM or any other Accredited Institution / University and relevant work experience.

MSc.: Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant subject from LIUTEBM or any other Accredited Institution / University and relevant work experience.

Dual Degree from BTU, India: The MSc by Research Program from LIUTEBM University is Accredited by BTU, India and the applicants have the option to apply and simultaneously earn a dual MSc qualification from BTU. Contact the LIUTEBM Information Desk for more details through portal enquiry or email.

Enrollment in this Program will be notified when opens.