LIUTEBM University

School of International Programs


LIUTEBM University Quality Assurance Cell

The University is committed to the global principles of quality assurance in higher education. With the approval of the Board of Management, the university has set up an International Quality Assurance Cell - IQAC with University Vice-Chancellor as its Chairperson. The IQAC monitors and advises on quality assurance and continuous improvement of all the schools within the University set-up. In addition to the internal quality assurance within the University, the IQAC endeavours to act on the following:

  • Quality Assurance and accreditation of its affiliate partner’s academic process
  • Accreditation of the curriculum of its affiliate partners towards credit transfer to the SoIP programs
  • Credential evaluation of the applicants for confirmation on entry requirements and interested students or entities
  • Accreditation of external educational institutions and their non-degree programs

The LIUTEBM School of International Programs will function as the LIUTEBM IQAC Nodal office.

The LIUTEBM IQAC has the following members on board with proven quality assurance backgrounds:

  1. Prof. Dr. Patrick Kalifungwa, Chairperson
  2. Prof. Dr. KSS Rakesh
  3. Dr. Bongani Ngwenya
  4. Dr. S. Venkataramani
  5. Mr. Makesa Kalifungwa (Legal Counsel)
  6. Ms. Lucy Kapiteni
  7. Dr. D. Dhankar

The LIUTEBM University accredits non-degree programs offered by legally established educational providers in the non-formal sector through the LIUTEBM International Quality Assurance Cell. The University recognizes such accredited programs for credit transfer to degree programs, as per norms.  This accreditation of non-degree programs shall not only add value to such programs but also open pathways to degree programs of the University offered through its School of International Programs. Interested educational organisations offering non-degree educational programs may send their Expression of Interest with introductory details via email at info@liutebmsoip.edu.zm